5 Ways To Wear 1 Black Dress

How many of us own a little black dress? All the girls I know! How many of us actually wear that little black dress as much as we intended to? Some girls do, but the rest of us doesn’t like the idea of always looking the same when wearing it over again. Well, I have good news for you, my friend, I have created five ways to wear that one little black dress that every girl has inside their closet. Here’s how you can add some pieces of clothing and change it up a little:

Outfit#1 A jeans jacket goes along the way! By simply adding the jeans jacket you create a super laid-back put-together look. I decided to pair mine with the Adidas sneakers for a more sporty vibe!Outfit#2 Button down blouse say what? This style is perfect for an occasion where you need to look professional and appropriate. Adding a button down blouse and tieing a frontal knot will add the final touch for a more sophisticated yet minimalist look.Outfit#3 Pink and comfortable! Nothing says “fall” more than a knit sweater. I decided to go with this super comfortable and feminine sweater. Paired with Adidas rose to match my sweater. I had to pull the dress up a bit, if not, it will add a couple years to your appearance.Outfit#4 Sexy Mama! Although on this look I didn’t add anything, I wanted to show you how just by adding high heels with the same color bag can get you ready for girls night out in no time!Outfit#5 Black & White! You can never go wrong with black and white for a casual look! Wearing a white loose tank top over the black dress will give you that elegant effortless feel. Just remember to tuck the top behind the dress to accentuate your silhouette.Hope you guys liked my tips! Leave me a comment saying which outfit you like it more?










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