How I spent 2 Days in Paris

I spent a weekend in Paris during the fall season. With only two days in the agenda, I had to plan wisely my visit and I made sure I looked fabulous by wearing a fun blue long dress, with open back and some cleavage (from a local Florida boutique). I paired the dress with flat high boots (Steve Maden) to be comfortable and black sunglasses (Quai) and black leather backpack style purse (Tory Burch).  I did pretty much all the things a tourist would do such as: hoping in the tour bus to sightsee the stunning City of the Lights, learning all the history in the Louvre Museum and of course, taking the famous selfie with the Eiffel Tower. But that’s not all I did, here are some more pictures so you have an idea how this quick but incredible trip went from casual to fabulous!



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